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Private enterprises to recruit Week kicked off on Thursday
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In recent years, the rapid development of private economy in our province has become the main channel to attract new jobs, in order to further develop private enterprises in promoting the role of employment, the provincial Human Resources and Social Department, Education Department, Federation of Trade Unions, Industry and Commerce will jointly host the 2010 Week of private enterprises to recruit the province.
The main target for the recruitment of weeks of college graduates, migrant workers, employment difficulties and unemployed persons. Event will be May 20 to 26. 5 月 22 日 (Saturday) to carry out recruitment activities in the province's unification, the main venue of the provincial centers of service hall, municipal human resources market, the four departments (or talent market) located at the venue.
It is reported that the activities of enterprises to participate in the recruitment week dominated by private enterprises, while encouraging state-owned enterprises, joint ventures and business, research institutions and various public service agencies to participate in recruitment activities.
Conducting on-site recruitment at the same time, the province will carry out networking recruitment activities at all levels of human resources talent market to market or network, remote video and other forms, for employers and job seekers to build two-way communication platform to meet employers and job seekers those needs. In addition, the province will also provide employment and entrepreneurial graduates to carry out policy advocacy, in order to have entrepreneurial aspirations of graduates carrying out entrepreneurial training.

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