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Hefei private enterprises to recruit three weeks by the State Department briefin
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The first half of college graduates and to ease the pressure on employment of migrant workers, the city Human Resources and Social Security Bureau jointly departments, on May 15 to 21 private enterprises to carry out the 2009 recruiting Week. During the event, held three special recruitment field of private enterprises, organizations, enterprises with 476 posts 7350, about 7600 people entering employment (of which nearly 1,200 college graduates), employment reached a preliminary intention to 1,400 (of which nearly 800 college graduates people); but also recruitment and other activities carried out online, and achieved remarkable results, in a few days ago by the state Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Federation, the National Federation of Trade Unions held its third national employment and social security advanced private enterprise awards ceremony , informed the country in 2009 in recognition of the private enterprises to recruit Week in Hefei, excellent organization of 49 cities.

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