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Resource of company labor power manages attestation of appraisal of case of pers
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Center of vocational training of business association of the Anhui province --
The professional orgnaization that attestation of national profession qualification grooms
Appraisal of national profession qualification visits straight site signing up
Labor of the Anhui province and skill of profession of social security hall groom education research base
Division of management of resource of high labor power saves exclusive and pilot all to take an examination of completely groom orgnaization
The service whole journey with excellent considerate teachers dogs coach exam percent of pass is tall
In each company unit, the position of manpower resource is even more significant, because of them the fortune with control the most valuable company -- talent, they establish manpower resource program for the company, controlling invite applications for a job, groom, the important segment such as material benefits of performance assessment, pay. What they are known by more and more organizations to the value of the enterprise and take seriously, almost all industry and all enterprise need professional human affairs controller. Manpower resource management already became country most glaring gold gets one of professions.
Once certificate of qualification of profession of division of management of resource of state enterprise manpower is rolled out get of the personage inside course of study mix generally reputably approbate. This certificate will serve as unit of choose and employ persons to recruit jointly with certificate of record of formal schooling, calm hillock, upgrade, the authoritative proof of pay of fulfil of advance duty, affirmatory firewood. Countrywide all attends to take an examination of after student passes those who set course to groom, can obtain after the exam is eligible by labor and social security ministry unified nucleus is sent " certificate of national profession qualification " , this certificate is you are engaged in corresponding occupational mount guard necessary certificate, general inside countrywide limits, for professional career development is gotten " green card "
Manage to increase manpower resource from skill of profession of personnel of course of study, introduce systematic manpower resource to manage concept and technics, execute " certificate of profession of diploma of record of formal schooling " the system of choose and employ persons that pay equal attention to, my center will hold eleventh in July period attestation of qualification of profession of division of manpower resource management grooms class!

Curricular outline: Manpower resource program, invite applications for a job and configuration, groom with development, performance management, firewood fulfil and welfare, labor concerns morality of behavior of economics of management, labor, organization and administrative psychology, profession
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