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Anhui Fujian chamber of commerce and center of introduction of business associat
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On May 12, clear sky 10 thousand lis, colourful Yang Gaozhao. Flutter of colored flag of guesthouse of Hefei paddy sweet building, the merchant gathers. Anhui Fujian chamber of commerce establishs congress to be held ceremoniously here. Yang Duoliang of chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of governor Wang Sanyun, province attends a meeting send congratulate and speak, lizuke of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Zhang Jun of vice director of standing committee of province National People's Congress, Fujian Province uncovers a shop sign for chamber of commerce jointly, xu Lianjie of vice-chairman of countrywide business association attends the meeting, province government secretary-general just moderates rather. The branch is in charge of Anhui Fujian related two ground the 300 much people such as representing of member of comrade, chamber of commerce attended to establish plenary session.
In the morning, profession of province business association introduces center and Fujian Province blessing to bring city Association of industry and commerce, resource of manpower of Hefei wisdom couplet serves limited company and Fujian governor to promoted shipbuilding limited company to sign a service to output an agreement respectively, the 5 members company of Anhui Fujian chamber of commerce still parted to sign investment agreement with Hefei city relevant unit, investment of accumulative total of 5 investment project amounts to 10 billion yuan.

Afternoon, be versed in industrial limited company, blessing brings trade in the Fujian Province city brace up medium limited company of electric equipment production limited company, Electromechanical of Fujian Yin Jia, blessing installs limited company of mayor water cast, blessing to install city flourishing letter to amount to Electromechanical limited company, blessing to install factory of fittings of city Jin Jiang Electromechanical, Fujian Fu Anmin, visited profession of province business association to introduce a center, the division of 8 vocational guidance that introduces a center with profession of province business association at the same time had friendly communication and communication, reach consensus, after be, bilateral friendly collaboration laid solid foundation.

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