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Anhui is adjusted mean monthly working hours
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Relevant controller represented office of province labor safeguard last night, since today, my province will adjust worker total days average working hours, lunar weekday by adjust 20.92 days formerly for 20.83 days, outside moving divide exactly overtime to rise somewhat, very small to influence of worker firewood fulfil.

In the light of labor safeguard ministry released yesterday " about worker total days average working hours is mixed the announcement of salary convert problem " , province labor ensures office work wages to arbitrate section chief is in Liu expressed last night, ensure a regulation before this according to labor, worker month weekday is 20.92 days, the State Council is revised " the whole nation year section and fete have a holiday method " after carrying out, the festal holiday of all citizen increased one day than before, suffer this effect, average system man-day counts worker total days and salary convert method needs to be made respectively adjust, the new lunar weekday after adjusting is 20.83 days, very as smaller than change as original photograph.

Is lunar weekday adjusted can you bring an influence to worker firewood fulfil? Express to adjust pair of business pay to extend to this Liu section chief, the firewood fulfil influence that reachs worker individual is minor, it is worker monthly wages as a result of overwork salary ÷ month is workaday × 200% or 300% , after accordingly lunar weekday is adjusted, overtime will rise somewhat.

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