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Microsoft HR director says resume writes skill
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Educational experience: Till high school

Suffer employ the history: The society that student to apply for a job is corresponding major commonly carries out an activity, the point of view that students should learn to stand in others sees his resume;

Honor and award: Specific place captures promotive name, level and range of bear the palm;

Full name and phone: The mobile phone must assure to did not owe cost, once the phone is hit,residential telephone call also must assure to arrive home li of somebody know this matter;

Special training course: Make clear relevant course mark, if apply for finance to be sure kind of position must make clear detail of financial insurance course, and need not course of philosophy of give uncecessary details;

Extraordinary skill: Must mention expressly the curricular case that gets such as spanish to wait to have control of small number of people only, make clear at the same time " often use " or " practised is used " , english already was not extraordinary skill;

Individual interest: If make clear the travel that has attended to be nodded particularly to some, or the meeting that is alone mountain-climbing and so on has profit very much to you;

Resume length: Be one page or two pages are not the most important, can condense of course in one page less than it is best;

A few gist that resume composes:

Verbal begin establish " work oriented " ;

STAR principle namely Situation: Mention expressly problem state, how to solve, task: Depict completes a project, action: The idea of executive policy and own amid, result: Oneself contribution, for example is in sales promotion success the scale that oneself finish, must write a story, what did oneself do, what to get, what be good at;

Apply for a variety of position to use different resume.

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