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58 city: weight gain credibility for your resume
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Year approaches, eager to jump ship by the public. The face of tens of thousands of job force, the employer still can not find the right company, "Maxima" and distress. "Bole" Why make such an exclamation? Must have a lot of people know that was breaking out in China, "the first professional manager" and "academic" incident, which makes that Chinese "workers" have to follow once the integrity of the crisis. Vigorous academic controversy, is attributed to the faith, but people on the workplace, the environment may be forced to a last resort. Education false door is a case or has a certain universality? You can accept the excessive "packaging" of the resume? You will give yourself your resume and "packaging" it? The principle of good faith or will adhere to the job? Resume, involving the contents of exaggerating the proportions were: work / internship experience, 30%; jobs and responsibilities, 20%; and salaries accounted for 10%; education, training experience and 25% of the contents of the relevant certificate; Reason for leaving 10%; work experience accounted for 5%. Channel 58 reporters in the city understand that many companies recruit candidates more highly integrated strength, the ability of candidates and job requirements match, in the interview process is one of the basic assessment. In order to get the offer for job seekers exaggerate their own have a "hardware" and all kinds of experiences do not give yourself more opportunities, often at first hand when the plane will be eliminated. To remind the majority of job seekers, integrity is a business employing the most basic principles to follow in order to reverse the tricks and the job of you, when your resume package too "gorgeous", not only is unfair to others, but also trust you will lose business opportunities. As an employer, the overly ornate resume content is often not wise to pay attention to explore the strength and potential job seekers, with eclectic talents.
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