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Hangzhou affordable housing to attract top talent is being questioned is rich
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Recently, the Hangzhou municipal government, official documents clearly a piece of paper within three years the city will launch a 2.2 million square meters of affordable housing to attract top talent Lai Hang entrepreneurship, employment, and immediately attracted wide attention. Some members of the public and experts doubt it was "difficult to convince people of the rich benefits", a deviation from the original intention of affordable housing policies, and even hinder the building of social justice. Housing prices to attract top talent to half Hangzhou municipal government personnel in a recent issue of affordable housing is mentioned in three-year purchase plan of action, a move intended to regulate the construction of buildings of special talent, for all kinds of talents to create a "sense of security, sense of belonging, a sense of convenience , comfort and happiness, "the high-quality residential, effectively alleviate the various talents of Hangzhou" housing difficult "issue, to create the Yangtze River Delta region" Talents ", and for building the" six rooms simultaneously "affordable housing" Hangzhou model "provide strong support. Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, said Vice Minister Li Zhenfan, the twenty-first century, inter-city competition, the final analysis, talent competition. The current high prices of Hangzhou, is an indisputable fact that if they can not afford to buy a certain unable to retain talent, so I want to retain talent must let them housing. Hangzhou City, according to deputy director of the personnel described the League of Nations, from 2010 to 2012, the city will build a total 2.2 million square meters, with an average of more than 70 million square meters per year to ensure the personnel of the special housing, to address and improve the Talents of the housing problem. "Taking into account the characteristics of affordable housing professionals, government personnel to implement special housing prices, the price of similar lots in principle more than the market price of new commodity housing, 50%." Xu said the League of Nations, the current real estate prices, mainly because land prices, As a special talent for administrative allocation of space to land, so land on eliminating the most expensive, is basically construction costs, the price will drop. Part of the special talents by creating special groups It is understood that special talent launched in Hangzhou building area of 90 square meters mainly academicians would be appropriate to relax. Xu said the League of Nations, to meet the conditions of the purchase, who will be in the newspapers, websites and other media publicity, to accept a wide range of community supervision. Reporter noted, Hangzhou municipal government pointed out that six people can enjoy the government's "special room", in addition to outstanding contributions to personnel, leaders in various high-level talents, but also including school and kindergarten staff (including retirees ), overseas talent, talent development zone enterprises, large enterprises management personnel. In determining the special talents, the teachers have been singled out by the widely questioned. Hangzhou Li Jia said the people, and doctors, police and other than teachers, social division of labor is different. "Teachers are professionals, are not professionals like doctors by chilling out to other groups too!" Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences Associate minutes of its view that the whole group of teachers into the program, as if this group evolved into special groups. National School of Administration professor Wang Yukai of Public Administration Research Department of the view that the industry standard by professionals in other industries unfair, suggested that the actual contributions and achievements as a benchmark, to come up socially accepted "talent" standards and norms. Affordable housing in the end who the security Hangzhou space policy issued a special talent, and aroused widespread concern. Yang Jianhua, Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences Research Centre expressed support for this policy approach. He said that wealth creation through entrepreneurship talent, but talent is not necessarily rich, there are technical personnel among the peasants, but they are not rich. The room was cited, there is a certain practical effect. However, the move is more controversial. Some netizens said that local development does require talent, the house is very important, but more important is the introduction of more supporting policies for environmental professionals to display their talent, or retain the personnel of the "body" unable to retain talent, "the heart . " "Local government personnel as the allocation of social resources, low-end standard, at least in violation of the basic principles of social justice." Netizens "leaf expansion," that the "attracting top talent," introduced new measures, or with the blind worship GDP of the performance concept related. Chung, Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences researcher considers affordable housing policy objectives, the main residence is to protect the disadvantaged groups. The private room is not talent, its government pricing through direct ownership given to the transferee, as a disguised form of welfare. "Housing construction will be dedicated professionals as an important part into affordable housing, this approach is no doubt a deviation from the original intention of affordable housing policies, and even hinder the building of social justice." Bell they said, the wealth gap is not terrible, is the system caused by the terrible gap between rich and poor. Housing Policy Research Center, Fudan University, Master Ren Chenjie also recommended the implementation, whether the object is a low-income families or people, affordable housing should be "rent not buy," or most "rent-to-sale." Reference to the rent of public rental housing market standards can be slightly lower.
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