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Graduates Employment Survey: How much for the money to find a job
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Get a job, to be voted 4 resumes The survey questionnaires covering 15 College of Ningbo University 57 undergraduate programs, 4,414 students. Survey data show that graduates of 2009, Ningbo University, job cost 1043 yuan, while the province's 211 colleges of 2009 graduates of non-job cost of 1056 yuan. In the delivery of job applications, Ningbo University, 09 graduates received a job offer for every vote to be copies out of 4 copies of job applications, lower than the 2009 session of the 12 similar colleges, it is apparent graduating Ning Health is not a difficult job. Qi Cheng graduate work and professional counterparts Working with professional counterparts in the ratio, the Ningbo University graduates 09 to 70%. Among them, higher rates of college counterparts, the School of Medicine (100%) and Construction Engineering College (89%). Meanwhile, 09 medical school graduates or graduates in the highest employment rate, reaching 100%. Followed by the Institute of Teacher Education, also reached 99%. However, the highest employment rate of college, professional, not the highest monthly salary. Survey, the school Physical Education graduation after six months of 2009 the monthly salary of up to 3771 yuan, ranking first. Michael Synopsys 09 graduates of Ningbo University survey also found that college graduates and 09 as the national, private enterprises, individual enterprises are still the largest employer of these types of student employment, accounting for 42%. Among them, education, administration (Law), chemistry graduates in the private enterprises, a larger proportion of self-employment. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Normal), Chinese language and literature graduates in government agencies, research institutions a larger proportion of employment.
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