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Let resume be sent namely medium 3 big unexpected tricky move
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Resume is made is the first pace in process of to apply for a job, also be quite crucial one step. Unit of choose and employ persons passes the information on resume, undertake abecedarian qualification choose to applicant. To apply for a job person final whether gain interview opportunity, resume is having crucial effect. Should notice what skill when compose resume so, how does ability attract the eyeball of unit of choose and employ persons, where is the chance that increases interview? Successful resume should have the following:

Resume layout must systimatic

Yang Cui first Laoshi expresses, the layout of resume must systimatic, be clear at a glance. The resume structure clarity that likes because of HR, can find relevant information where to be. And when describing individual information, must talk like argumentative writing with number and fact. Especially " self introduction " this link, will show oneself advantage through example, is not say only blindly " capability of responsible feeling, organization is strong " this kind of not specific watch art.

To attract the eyeball of HR, to apply for a job person still must be in resume " beautiful " the window that gives him extraordinary, although it and the position that apply for do not have direct connection, but of the person that this often can reflect a to apply for a job " can shift capacity " .

Resume is made must have specific aim

When the resume that make, to apply for a job person still must undertake to resume " the client is changed " , that is to say resume must have specific aim, make different resume in the light of each company and position. In resume the key lists the information related to place application company and position, change the content that deletes the other side to may not take seriously even infirmly. Especially the lists clearly position in according with a job announcement the news feature of specific requirement is put in position of a gold (be in commonly of A4 paper on 1/3 is in) . When weaving information is nodded, want to undertake logistic classification, reflect the logic thinking ability of the person that give to apply for a job thereby. Finally, the language expression of resume must be accomplished succinct, one page had better. After the resume that finish, must look for at least 5 people to let them encircle not clear message and the information that be interested, to resume again embellish, perfect oneself resume stage by stage.

Do not generate electricity with accessory form stamped envelope all previous

After resume is finished, send resume namely next. So, how can you just refer resume smoothly to HR before? This little detail also was full of knowledge in process of to apply for a job. When writing email resume, general situation suggests to use Chinese, although a lot of foreign enterprises use English to regard invite applications for a job as the language, but those who read email of to apply for a job is a Chinese, use Chinese is more convenient. But, if of your application is a few relatively senior position, the job announcement of the other side is English completely, use English to write email as far as possible. When sending resume, best and direct resume stickup in text (stickup hind want new composing) , do not send with the form of accessory (unless the company asks) .
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