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Skill of to apply for a job: How to call?
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How to see after admiring position in the heart, just undertake with the company the phone is contacted? How does inquiry result call after interview? How should the telephone interview that receives a company suddenly to be hit is opposite leisurely? Receive hunt head telephone call how clever answer? Nowadays, the phone regards most convenient communication as one of tools, be applied by frequent ground at applying for both sides the first time communicate on. "Can call " , it is the one lesson that duty field person should learn.

Setting one: After seeing ad

Sunny bought portion invite applications for a job on newsstand more at 5 o'clock afternoon kind newspaper, consulted one admires position in the heart. To be in just contact with invite applications for a job for a short while, dialed telephone of the other side immediately: "Hello, be × × company excuse me? I read newspaper, apply for presumably... " had not waited for her to say, the other side states chief of manpower resource department is attending a meeting, and next time arrive quickly, not sky is fine a little, but the mobile phone number that still noted her, express to be able to contact her the following day.

To apply for a job connected: Sunny did not find right person in right time, call actively change to wait for passivity, it is very unsuccessful phone is applied for. Right telephone call applies for should notice the following:

1. The choice communicates appropriately time. Generally speaking, should call in company working hours, generally speaking, in the morning 9: 30~11:00 and afternoon 1: 30~4: 30 between relatively appropriate. In addition, inside the period of time that just went to work, the other side will be busier, and draw near when coming off work, meet again anxious to return, work involuntarily, should keep away from these sensitive period of time.

2. Find right person. To apply for a job person the contact person full name that should notice advertisement to go up, avoid to turn to receive or be received by accident, leave muddleheaded impression to the person even.

3. Find quiet environment. Do not call below blatant driveway or clamorous environment, avoid leakage to listen, repeat narrative circumstance to happen.

4. Preparation communicates point. Although be to be applied for simply, but still need to prepare an issue, lest omit. Be like number of position requirement, invite applications for a job. Generalize the strong point that gives oneself to accord with position and the skill that be good at simply, introduce oneself experience crisply. Time of flow of inquiry invite applications for a job, interview, mount guard time.

Setting 2: Abrupt telephone interview

Liao Yuan is shopping, receive the telephone interview of some company suddenly. Right now all round the noisy reputation that has bazaar background music and multitude, adverse to interview. Then Liao Yuan tells each other very courteously: "Feel embarrassed, I outside, the environment is more clamorous, whether can you pass 10 minutes to be hit to you? " the other side assents, leave a phone.
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