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Interview Skills: pay attention to make you more successful interview details
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The interview is your favorite job to do so will go through checkpoints. Interview, in addition to showing their own ability, qualities, dressing appropriately, gentle conversation, and generous manner, but also a lot of man points. These, to Belong to the scope of the interview etiquette. Clothing Men had to wear clean clothes, but do not have to dress up. Women should wear clean, bright, jingling jewelry, perfume too thick, no straightening stockings, had not been revised or fluffy hair and nails, have enough To offset the cover letter to give the examiner a good impression. The key choice of clothing is to look at job requirements. Apply banks, government departments, tend to traditional formal wear; candidates, public relations, fashion magazines, you can properly add some pop in the clothing elements. Entertainment Television in addition to wide candidates Report of such trades, best not to select too awkward to wear. Graduates to allow some students dress up gas, you can wear leisure suits. In addition candidates should not wear too many accessories when it easy to spread the examiner Attention. Punctual Punctuality is the basic requirement of professional ethics, 10-15 minutes ahead of the interview location the best. More than half an hour earlier arrival would be regarded as no sense of time, but in the interview late or hurried is fatal . Whatever your reason for being late will be considered as a lack of self-management capabilities and constraints. If you walk far, would rather leave early, but not immediately after into the office early, you can wait in a nearby coffee shop. Among the interview * Body language Eyes: Look the person in the eyes of the exchange, but must not stare at other people dead. If more than one person present, glancing often look to others to show respect and equality. Handshake: When the interviewer toward your outstretched hand, the hold it should be a firm handshake, eyes to look directly at each other. Do not be too hard, not hard rock; do not use two hands, shake hands in this way the company does not appear in the West Professional enough. Hands should be dry and warm. If you have just arrived at the scene interview with cold water rushing down hand, to keep themselves calm. If the hands get cold, cover with hot water to it. Sitting: It does not matter close to the back seat, do not fill it, sit down the body to lean forward slightly. Generally filled two-thirds of the chair is appropriate. This not only allows you to free up energy to easily cope with the examiner's questions, nor to make you too relaxed. Little trick: Small actions can not be done in the interview, such as origami, pencil, this will become very serious, distracted your opponent. Do not fumble hair, beard, ears, this may be interpreted as you did not do the interview before Personal Health Students. Speaking is a nervous hand Wuzui performance, should be avoided. * Conversation Language is the job of the second card, which objectively reflects a person's cultural quality and content of training. Of the proposed interview questions to fluent, just right, not rhetoric, exaggerated. Conversation should be Take the following points: First, to highlight the individual strengths and skills, and a considerable credibility. Language to summarize, simple, powerful, not sloppily, regardless of severity. Secondly, to show the personality, the individual shape As clear, other people's comments can be properly applied, as with teachers, friends, comments to support his description. Third, adhere to the facts speak less empty word, interjection. Fourth, we should note that the logic of language, presentation level Clear and focused. Finally, try not to use short, dialect, dialect and the spoken language, so difficult to understand each other. When I can not answer a question should be truthfully tell each other, vague and will result in a loss quackish Luankan Failed. After Interview * Thanks In order to deepen the impression of recruiters, increased likelihood of job success, two or three days after the interview, job seekers the best recruiters write a letter to thank. Thank you to concise, preferably not more than one page. The beginning of the letter His name should be mentioned, as well as simple time for the interview, and thank recruiters. Thank you note to reiterate the middle part of the company, the candidates interest in the position. The letter can be expressed confidence in ourselves, And to contribute to development and expansion of the company's determination.
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