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Lay in a cadre
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Department name: Hefei believes limited company of resources of power of a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship to pay close attention to a frequency: 194

Position category: Property of job of company office staff, foreign affairs: Other

Issue date: 2008-7-5 date of expiration: 2009-1-1

Firewood fulfil pay: 1200 works area: Zhejiang Hangzhou

Position requirement:
Month of base pay 850/ , month working hours 26 days, overtime: At ordinary times: 1.5 times on the weekend: 2 times legal holiday: 3 times; Average month income is in 1500 the left and right sides; Offer dormitory freely, every live 4- - 6 people; Offer 3 eat freely to reach overwork food taken late at night. Welcome 2008 graduate to sign up. The corporation provides kitchen freely for employee, for when employee improves food, be being used. According to employee need low rents dormitory, all sorts of accommodation need contented staff, every room has independent toilet and shower house, and be employee 24 hours provide hot water freely. Outside the dormitory set tone of basketball field, shadow additionally the public place of entertainment such as the room and all sorts of establishment. Dial telephone of Hefei invite applications for a job please 0551- - 5270400 (in the morning 8: 30- - 11: 30, afternoon 2: 30- - 5: 00)
Contact means:
Contact: Teach gentleman China gentleman
Connect a telephone call: 0551-5270400
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