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Education of order of collaboration of school look forward to sings leading role
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Order education
Safeguard graduate has good job
The vocational school wants healthy progress, must develop as synchronous as the market technology person with ability. To achieve this one goal, each vocational school established obtain employment to find a place for group, regard the job of the school as the key, the president is the first personally advocate grab obtain employment job, develop with economy the enterprise of the area, school is contacted extensively, begin collaboration of school look forward to to run a school, execute order to teach a talent to develop pattern. Each major has those who make clear is directional with order, make the recruit students major of the vocational school has distinguishing feature more, compose builds a perfect obtain employment system, safeguard student obtain employment is expedite. In situation of undergraduate obtain employment austere setting falls, the secondary vocational school accomplished a new student generally to sign obtain employment agreement into class hour and student, affirmatory still a student not merely obtain employment finds a place for opportunity.
In formal duty
Student obtain employment avoids check
Chengdu is formal the vocational school is with professional core competition ability guide, the ” of need of executive construction society, major of “ high-quality goods that has stronger core competition ability; Construction is led contemporary service with professional core competition ability kind ” of course of “ high-quality goods and can realize this course to teach education target, the 3 essence of “ of the ” of teaching material of “ high-quality goods that the industry agrees with ” project, the system of course of “ binary ” that compose builds “ labour to learn to combine ” , innovation talent develops pattern, make every major formed unique professional distinguishing feature, be evaluated by the height of unit of choose and employ persons, a lot of enterprises are versed in in the member that face social invite applications for a job when, ceng Ming put forward “ truly the catchword of the graduate ” that avoid check in formal duty, the ” of yellow Bu military school of the base camp ” that the school still is known as Miss “ formal and qualified personnel of service of “ high quality.
Sheet of modern office recension fosters obtain employment
Chengdu is contemporary vocational school in order to rely on an industry, enter competitive industry, lead an industry to be managerial guiding ideology, hold to a person to have without me, the person has me to actor or actress, the person actors or actress I am special, the person is special the managerial train of thought of my essence, around industry education, be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with the industry, with a few well-known companies, if French Europe Lai is elegant,Sichuan of coffee of Nuo of guest of group, United States, Bank of China saves branch, Beijing University group of education of Qing Diao IT, Sichuan saves Ai Pu the cooperative open such as network limited company is directional order class.
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