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3 act promote graduate sufficient obtain employment
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What work to boost 2008 graduate obtain employment is successful begin, improve the quality of guidance of graduate obtain employment and servive routine and efficiency, hua Dong Normal University is integrated each resource, the develop outside the couplet inside aggrandizement, multibarrel falls together, effort stimulative student is active obtain employment, sufficient obtain employment.

One, roll out obtain employment to help a plan, the quantity makes obtain employment give aid to personally plan

The “2008 that start year obtain employment aid plans ” , be aimed at 2008 graduate that have not fulfil obtain employment post, execute preferential give aid to and help mainly, every week 2, Zhou Si is in the school afternoon two campuses hold “2008 at the same time year obtain employment aid plans to seek advice from salon ” . The school is aimed at the courtyard with not quite ideal situation of student obtain employment to fasten, made one courtyard of “ the characteristic of one case ” changes obtain employment to push plan; Be aimed at the student group with relatively difficult obtain employment, studied “ asks the specialization obtain employment of one party ” the solution; It is relatively difficult to be aimed at obtain employment individual, offerred one person of “ the plan of guidance of personalized obtain employment of one plan ” , from state of student obtain employment not quite ideal courtyard is fastened, the student group with relatively difficult obtain employment and individual 3 levels, all-around do servive routine of good obtain employment, help graduate establishs idea of right choose course of study, enhance choose industry technical ability, increase choose industry capacity, help graduate is on working station as soon as possible, realize sufficient obtain employment.

2, passageway of enlightened evening green, convenient offer obtain employment formalities to deal with

In college graduate conduction autograph makes an appointment with the peak period of formalities, it is normal that a lot of students often servantchoose a person for a job to the unit jackarooes and be in the school very hard because of be in working hours manages to school office. For this, hua Dong Normal University is on the foundation that opens channel of obtain employment green for years continuously, open ” of passageway of “ evening green, will weekly 2, Zhou Si's office hours is lengthened to in the evening at 9 o'clock. During ” of “ green passageway is opened, the school is made an appointment with except the lot that hears a student, outside the formalities business such as census register application, return arrangement to be engaged in obtain employment for a long time directive job, have rich seek advice coach the expert of experience and teacher, to be faced with obtain employment difficult graduate “ sits a consultation ” .

3, strength of conformity entire school, linkage boosts student obtain employment
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