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Double degree graduate encounters cold face of unit of choose and employ persons
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In be in charge of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties and economics, have “1 1>2” effect. For instance, adjust the manpower resource of two branches, can produce aggregate effect, let two branches run more efficient. Return somebody to use to apply for a job of this inequality apply mechanically: Master 2 kinds of professional skill to be compared absolutely know a kind only more be very popular.
But actual condition removed present graduate obtain employment to change however. Refine as course and division of labor, the double degree of ”—— of “ gold brick of to apply for a job of original college graduate has resembled no longer in former days so scene.
Spend likeness year old years old year after year, every years old of year old annual person is different. This one ancient poetry more resembling is to keep to apply for a job of college this year's graduates. Number of this year's graduates of college of next year whole nation record-breaking. Now, hangzhou all sorts of invite applications for a job emerge everywhere on the meeting the figure that using graduate.
Not long ago, inside town of college issueing sand, zhejiang finance and economics learns courtyard invite applications for a job to be able to go up, standing to grow before stall of office of treasurer of state of a stage grow a string of graduate.
“ hello, I want to apply for accountant post. ” Hangzhou the Xiaoluo of major of trade of an international classics gives some college a resume.
You cast “ wrong, we do not control a country of trade major. ” company controller swept resume.
“ but my the 2nd major is an accountant. ” Xiaoluo connects busy explanation: Class of “ our major learns, and graduation exercitation it may not be a bad idea. ”
After chief browsed her resume again, say: Is “ nation trade quite good? These a few years are very hot, do well, salary compares us far tall …… I feel you become a treasurer too regrettablly. ”
Holding by the resume of go back, small Luo Shi looks at ground face about and go. Previous, she just joined another office, the other side says: Resume is being put, if can, we can contact you. Her estimation also did not have what to hope.
Another invite applications for a job is met on, the circumstance polarity of Xiaobao of big graduate of labour of short for Zhejiang Province. She what learn manpower resource management, squeezed another competitor. At that time, personnel of invite applications for a job treats two the individual's conditions, received Xiaobao's resume, retreated another graduate resume, still cast her a word: “ learns machine learn manpower resource to manage again, can you learn to get much choice? ”
Xiaobao says, personnel of invite applications for a job takes manpower resource to manage division certificate to be very interested to her, medium her professional deepness.
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