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Walk out of psychological predicament
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What at present went to an university to graduate again is seasonal, face coming new life, some graduate are filled with exultation, look forward to to was full of; Also can have many graduate anxiety-ridden, wander in lose and confused brim: They or for working affliction, or to be lovelorn sad, or for …… of new environment uneasiness

Lose! Grind because of taking an examination of miss working good opportunity
Yao Jing daughter is 22 years old
Study the original idea that grinding is not me. During the university, performance of my each respect is good, achievement is outstanding, hold the position of student union cadre all the time again, obtain scholarship year after year. Rose in October from last year so, in succession several pretty good units cast an olive to me. But parents insists to let my take an examination ofing grind however, because they feel, read grind can let me stand on a taller “ start ” in the future. I do not want to make them disappointed, quit to apply for a job absorption for reference. Can not think of my take an examination ofing grinds failed, had turned when the head will prepare apply for a job, discover the gold that has missed invite applications for a job again period. This lets my heart in clinking lose, to parental hard to avoid some grouse in the heart, and their silent groan also allows pressure of my equipment feeling.
Psychological prescription: In the process that grow, total meeting encounters the choice problem of a lot of life. The answer is not exclusive, also do not have very fault and right. So, yao Jing can need not choose to take an examination of Yu Huai of grinding result be troubled to oneself, after all, preparation takes an examination of grinding process, also be the process of a study and results. Besides, the opportunity of life always is very much, face dilemma, get up steam to absorb a lesson to had taken the following route from inside the setback, just be the most important. In the meantime, also remind those “ indulges the parent that ” grinds at taking an examination of and student: Ability of ≠ of record of formal schooling, and unit of present choose and employ persons values latter more. So, one's deceased father grind, want overall balance, look before you leap.

Be depressed! Monthly pay of key undergraduate students 800
Child Heng Nan is 23 years old
By May, I signed obtain employment agreement with a company eventually, the mood is depressed however and clinking, because of that 800 yuan pay. I come from a country, these year come, parents took many pain to read for me, still owed a few external debt. They gather up frequently to be made painstakingly, a good job can search to reduce the burden in the home after longing for me to graduate only. It is difficult to but this nods meager pay,feed myself repeatedly, more never mention it in allowance home. I dare not call to parents, be afraid that they are sad and sad.
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