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Profession of the member that example of graduate favour police dog guides
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Rescue of shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River is stranded masses, the dog that rescue establishs outstanding service; Olympic Games security, police dog show one's skill. Be regarded all along all the day with dog keep sb company, the member that dry police dog example guides works, divine in people memory rise, more the profession that became pursuit of haing port youth, so that city public security bureau is after 3 day head action, must undertake two days filling enrolling again, in order to satisfy the cherished desire that more youth signing up contends for the member that guide when police dog example.

City public security bureau makes public the member that example of police dog of invite applications for a job guides first, applicant in an endless stream

As we have learned, meet to ensure big winter safe, city public security bureau faces a society to make public the member that example of police dog of invite applications for a job guides first, although have 40 quota of people only, but a lot of kid still do not agree to forgo this opportunity easily, be in 7, 8, after 3 days 9 sign up, still a lot of youths express to want to apply for, city public security bureau decides, 14, continue two days 15 days to recieve sign up.

As we have learned, all personnel signing up undertake even written examination, interview, check-up and politics careful, be in especially check-up and politics careful respect, must accord with admit by examination the check-up of people police and politics careful standard.

” of dream of police of can round “ , it is the main factor that attracts college graduate

In the person that sign up, a lot of people are for him circle constabulary dream, feel to be able to be become the member that police dog example guides, oneself are “ police ” . A person that sign up says, now police dog socially the job is mainer and mainer, can seek life in the calamity such as the earthquake not only, still can escort the Emperor for the major activity such as the Olympic Games convoy, and the member that police dog example guides resembles a commander, in “ commander ” correct judgement, direct falls, police dog ability finishs the job outstandingly, the member that so police dog example guides is having the divine responsibility of a police.

According to recieving the staff member introduction that sign up, although want only,beg record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning of the person that sign up, but this year's undergraduate course is graduate more hold quite large proportion, this among them, have literary history kind professional, rational is versed in kind of major, still have the professional graduate such as economic management. Of the Harbin institute Chemstry Department that two accompany will come to sign up big 4 students say, oneself major can guide in police dog example certainly in the future on clique use.

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