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Enterprise of invite applications for a job does not catch a cold however to pro
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Yesterday, the reporter learns from association of southwest university psychology, this association is aimed at the findings report that undergraduate obtain employment makes hard to give heat, the crucial point that perplexes textual research a group of things with common features also found book of ——— company check to depend on degree it is basically 0, obtain employment of textual research a group of things with common features is so difficult not strange also.

In investigation, the undergraduate that has 85.11% thinks obtain employment situation is grim.

Investigation shows, major undergraduate thinks professional skill is the key of successful obtain employment, so many students choose textual research, come with this the professional technical ability that “ proves him ” . However of things go contrary to one's wishes is, when the enterprise is choosing “ to value option of ” of which kinds of certificate, choose entirely for 0, what the reliability of book of visible company check imagines without the undergraduate is so tall.

The expert expresses, certificate sort is various nowadays, all sorts of grooming the orgnaization emerges in endlessly. Among them with short-term groom and be in the majority in the light of what should try, because this enterprise is met,generate doubt to ” of main forces of “ textual research, and the ability that values individual quality and real operation more.

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