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Test: Be to find new job to still lie groove?
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Are you satisfactory to your working current situation? Whether to also need to consider to take an issue? Whether can you become find new job one of main forces? This test below is inscribed, can help you measure piece right at present occupational satisfaction is spent, and suit the remedy to the case offers guidance.

1, when you can get up on Ceng Zaizao, ...

A, good to will do half-baked work today and glad.
B, feel happy the worry yesterday already went, feign outfit goes to work without the thing.
C, for forthcoming on the weekend and happy.

2, the working station that returns oneself, above all what you should do is...

Computer of A, open, pour a cup of strong coffee, preparation works later.
Coffee of B, strong cup, chat with the colleague, arrive again make up room fill makeup, browse finally advertisement of invite applications for jobs.
C, send private email, till wake up to reality to still have main job to oneself,talk about idle with other.

3, lunch hour, you always feel...

A, day, when working seriously every time, time passes very quickly!
B, feel happy nobody becomes aware to be to you in the office one day seems like a year.
C, be anxious to the work is completed before 5 o'clock and must feel afternoon, but meal must eats.

4, next time arrive, you prepare to leave...

A, but hand go to work is made,had not been over, be inferior to continueing to work overtime.
B, had endured this one day eventually, fast leave here.
It is OK also that the job on C, hand stays to tomorrow to finish.

5, the last weekday of this week, you feel...

A, complete the work hard for oneself and feel proud.
Remnant of place of B, time is not much, go all out again also of no help.
Everything what do to oneself is very C, satisfactory, should enjoy well on the weekend.

6, what is your largest work motive force?

A, expect hard, the new job of rich challenge sex and new knowledge.
B, a week works 4 days half, enjoy the additional period of leave that take salary every year.
The C, environment that is full of warmth in leaves the job.

7, those who make you feel malcontent on the job is...

A, time becomes short to the work that other makes you be interested forever.
Every B, week should work 5 days.
C, can feel mental coma and body and mind are tired now and then.

8, firm of some hunt head invites you to find new job with 500 yuan raises extent, you...

A, refus is absolutely square well-intentioned, do not leave currently hold the post ofa company.
B, agree willingly, the other side ponders to should start to talk earlier in the heart.
C, glad to can find new job, expect next opportunity.

9, the ability that boss praises you, allude will promote you, should see you nevertheless the in finished state of new job, you...
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