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Abandon high pay to contend for ironhanded take an examination of a bowl to get
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The data that publishs according to ministry of national occurrences in human life shows, tester of 2008 states official counts those who start calendar year most, the whole nation shares 640 thousand person to pass to take an examination of examine and verify, number photograph relatively increased last year 12% . Nearly 14 thousand device that supply with human affairs ministry record post photograph to compare, 2008 of national official take an examination of collection comparing to be 46 ∶ about 1, prep above the 42 ∶ 2007 1, under the 48.6 ∶ 2006 1. This exam competition is the most intense is central party group mechanism consults the institution that officeholder law runs, competitive scale is 1 ∶ on average 162, the most popular Ministry of Agriculture position of one a member of an administrative section more achieve 1 ∶ 3592.

Continuously hot the officeholder exam that warm up has been in university campus ecbolic gave special a group of things with common features group -- " take an examination of bowl a group of things with common features " , one's deceased father on officeholder of central state office is called " gold jobs " , the municipality directly under the Central Government is provincial officeholder is " silver-colored rice bowl " , ground city class is " copper jobs " , the town is street one class most at least also is " iron rice bowl-a secure job " . Most " take an examination of bowl a group of things with common features " value standard is: Check level more tall, take an examination of economy to develop more of province, leave home to had been jumped over nearly more.

The officeholder that faces like a raging fire takes an exam, many " take an examination of bowl a group of things with common features " not hesitate devoted and many time, energy and money, willing even abandon foreign capital enterprise, civilian battalion enterprise opening the high pay that give to retain a requirement. This not only make spectator confused, connect " take an examination of bowl a group of things with common features " oneself also feel puzzled: Is spending so large investment sacrifice is worth even? Does the job of officeholder suit him really? Is taking an examination of officeholder best the most reliable outlet? To this, fudan University sociology teachs Yu Hai to remind a this year's graduates, officeholder heat is taken an examination of be not a favour, a lot of people enter oneself for an examination blind, devoted cost is too big. Additional, high quality person also is gone against in the government sector in Caidouji other technical, professional the development of stronger industry.
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