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PDF is faced with test of flaw crisis software to reveal save drive competence
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Recently, the existence in discovering the PDF software that uses extensively at present according to safe research organization counts a flaw, among them a flaw is used by big range since January 20 at least. “ aggressor is using flaw to run code forcibly on the PC of current user. ” surpasses an analyst of a Tie Ke to express, flaw appears in the course that runs JavaScript program in Adobe Reader software. Although victim amount had be notted announce, but predict to to major general thousands of user incurs charge.
The software of 0 flaw of “ , 0 blemish is nonexistent. Analysis of Jin Chao of senior technical adviser points out ministry of software of ”IBM China limited company, in software research and development, average every 1000 code can produce 100~150 wrong, ratio of defects is as high as 10% above. If cannot detect in time,perfect, sequential meeting is very serious: Canadian hospital accepts the cancer patient die an unnatural death of radiative cure 4 times, british labor ensures all of computer science department of the bureau to bring the loss of 1 billion pound to taxpayer, 17 thousand planes stop more than 8 hours inside los angeles International Airport the blemish that …… causes prime criminal of losing of these personal casualty, belongings is the very little in software. Current, this already caused the height of western industry country to take seriously, they also raised taller requirement to the quality of software. If point out in American state level, average breakdown interval should be in the most reasonable software 10000 hours or so. The optimal way that achieves this one goal is software test.
The main responsibility that “ software checks is pair of software products undertake check and examining, make sure quality can satisfy client requirement. Professor of an outstanding personality of Zheng of ” computer leading authority says, “ passes necessary test, software blemish number can be reduced at least 75% , and the investment return rate of software can achieve 350 % . The industrial benefit that ” software calibration tape comes to is causing the attention of domestic relevant company gradually. According to statistic, at present the domestic software company of nearly 91% already had the consciousness that establishs test team. But those who make a person regretful is, domestic software checks the talent's supply to satisfy the pressing requirement of the enterprise hard however. According to future data of the net that do not have care shows, breach of talent of domestic software test is in to 300 thousand close push forward greatly, only the talent gap amount of two ground of Beijing, Shanghai is achieved 200 thousand. “ enrolling a software test man nowadays is more difficult than enrolling a doctor! Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad young lady of limited company of science and technology of world of ” Sino-US extensive region is helpless and upper show, company agelong invite applications for a job tests a talented person, but do not have all the time appropriate. Can go up in invite applications for a job of special performance of an IT talent, the 4 monthly pay that open favorable balance of trade to cross 6000 yuan into the enterprise, but make inquires person very few. It is good to create a lot of money of this kind of “ cast, the education that the main reason that will beg ” situation hard is our country relevant talent has not form dimensions. Current, only a few IT groom the system that the orgnaization offerred software to check grooms course, supplied nearly 6000 professional to the society, alleviated on certain level supply and demand is contradictory. But in light of the long-term development that tests talent requirement from software, this is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation nevertheless.
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