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Do you know the science that find new job how many?
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Find new job, on-the-job field personage looks already was a new term no longer, but find new job the knowledge in the process, right the person that find new job, still appear a bit unfamiliar. The rich monarch that regards practice as experience is senior the profession is advisory, be necessary to find new job to duty field here the personage reminds: Do you know the science that find new job how many?

Professional case:

Steven, the company that is engaged in selling medical apparatus and instruments in works. In this former in 8 years when the company with not big dimensions holds a post, the company becomes long maturity quickly, be located in the leader position in company of estate of person of the same trade. To this company, steven was full of feeling: Because the education of the company is mixed,give a chance, add his own ability and actual strength, steven is sold commonly by, promote to a high office step by step the selling manager of Hua Dong district that is this company. So, this company, it is the matting that STEVEN profession career strides successful cavalcade. Steven succeeds mediumly in course of study of person of the same trade, caused the favour of other company, then, hunt head people confused steps and come. Among them a company opens the advantageous condition that give, make Steven enchanted baffle again however unceasingly. Leave partner does he have deep emotive company 8 years? After all some are hated to part with; Find new job go to new company, can you have better progress? Also be an unknown. Then Steven is taking an issue, appeal imperial profession is advisory.

Case analysis:

Should find new job after all? Find new job certainly above all motive. Roughly for, the motive that a person finds new job has two kinds as follows commonly: Be passivity find new job, namely the individual's current to oneself job is dissatisfactory, must find new job, here specific include pair of human concerns (include to go up, inferior relation) , opportunity of environment of pay of station of working content, work, job, work or working requirement, development dissatisfactory wait for a respect. For instance, if you and boss relationship are not harmonious, feel to cannot get development, yourself also feels cannot get used to current environment, so be afraid be about to consider to change an environment to try; The 2nd, it is active find new job, facing better working requirement to be like opportunity of environment of pay, work, development namely, him classics does not live " alluring " and make oneself find new job; Perhaps seek taller challenge and pay, for instance you discover your ability deals with current working more than sufficient, the job that and discovered oneself are true is interested when, you might as well the consideration changes a job to try.

The circumstance of Steven, belong to find new job actively. That is about to be analysed again " this problem that jump " .

Analyse the situation of the company with current Steven first: This company belongs to progressively maturity model, the potential that has shown its to develop now (the position before from a dimensions development becomes not big company to lean quite in course of study of person of the same trade, spent its smoothly to grow period) . Company dimensions is medium, still be in development now climax period, the space that so its develop is very large still. Steven holds a post in the company have 8 long time, so, to the company run system of system of means, management, company culture, choose and employ persons to understand very much. In these 8 years, because the education of the company is mixed,value just about, steven just has an opportunity to get promoting, become a selling manager from the young staff member of an unknown to public. So, this company takes the appoint people by abilities, space that gives employee progress and opportunity seriously very much. Steven holds the position of the selling manager of Hua Dong area at present in the company, its closest rising target is the sale chief inspector of Hua Dong area. And the Yao that Steven leaves distance of this one post solid to be a few paces, because the boss has looked for him,had talked about relevant matters concerned. So, steven rises a space in the advance in the company still is very big.
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