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Duty field finds new job 5 times reason
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Efficient to lying personally, in fast rhythm city for us, change a job to perhaps be compared it is even easy to change a hair style. However, if choose a fault find new job time, ending often is disastrous! (Want to take over some to pile an awful mess, perhaps go in to come up against a high level to change wait) a moment, we recommend you to find new job during the Spring Festival, it is to be based on the following reasons:

1. Hit the target rate is high

Normally the circumstance falls, all companies meet what have certain range in the end of the year to cut down the member of persons employed, and this company is in alone hire, this is equal to obvious to tell the public they are faced with serious hand to be in short supply now! Right now if before go applying for, assure to hit the target rate is higher.

2. Choice range is wide

After the Spring Festival passes, almost all companies can induct new power, in this moment, find new job, choice range is a lot of wider, and turn in this moment duty turns even the successful odds of travel is bigger than any moment. At that time what market of invite applications for a job lacks is a talent!

3. Time is abundant

On manpower market, find new job well-knownly gold time is “ Jin Sanyin 89 ” of 10 copper. That is to say, the optimal time that find new job is to be in annual controlled in March. Begin from inside Feburary till April the middle ten days of a month, all the time can much obtain employment chance floods whole market, accordingly, you can enrage ground of compose oneself idle to ride an ass to look for a horse after year, essence of life is carried fine anthology.

4. Competition is not much

relatively at company the end of the year fluctuant cut down the member of persons employed. Employee is wanting to sit right now work place, after all, everybody does not want to abandon firewood of a belt growing a holiday, rich and generous the end of the year shares out bonus, a preferment opportunity after year, even if have the heart that find new job, major person can endure the coming year 4, May, accordingly, go applying for in Spring Festival around, the competitor is sure very few.

5. Suit period long

Before spend the New Year, all companies had attended a meeting, defined the development plan of the coming year and goal, waiting for enlarge an army to work energetically only. Enter new company right now, often be to take over new business, face brand-new group, because this also has enough time to be familiar with business, grind and human affairs.

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