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How taking " gold " find new job
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In modern society, finding new job already was a very common thing, but notable is, in the process that find new job, we must avoid negative effect as far as possible, the end that does not think finding new job is to mean opposite to go by accident and negative, and should have handled all sorts of relations in field of new old job actively, abstraction gives active and useful thing, the “ gold ” that taking you goes finding new job, the development this pair henceforth is having a lot of profit.

Take superabundant land, do not bury next human “ landmine”

When we leave former unit and finding new job, the reason can have a lot of, cannot bear the sight of boss for instance, the foreground that human relation is inferior to meaning, career bad or it is dissatisfactory to pay etc, but stem from what reason no matter, no matter you feel much winding, you also are done not have necessary for discharge temporarily anger, when going with former the boss in the unit or it is colleague deadlock, at already was for you at job of no help, and be opposite after you harmful and profitless.

Resembling because of the conflict with former unit is to bury issued ” of landmine of a “ , after be in, meet at any time scamper is noisy, let your impossible to defend effectively. The way of life is long still, conclude we do not reach personnel to produce such and such impact with former unit in the following job very hard, once ” of this “ landmine is detonated,produce an effect to you more or less, destroyed your career even. Why to no matter you are stemmed from,plant so the reason finds new job, still take superabundant land had better.

Value your manpower resource

A lot of people think after finding new job, can with former unit acoustical “ is done obeisance to do obeisance to ” , went, “ brandish waves not to take away ” of one cloudlet colour, such remove doing in light of be like free and easy, actually you are met innocently in lost a lot of things that allow you to will be benefited henceforth. Because you had worked for some time in an unit, likelihood your income is not much, but gutty after all and as close as not little fellow feeling, it is a good friend even, after they perhaps are in, can help somewhat to you, you might as well a manpower resource library that they regard you. Find new job in you so tall when, might as well cherish this one good luck, and do not discard this precious fortune.

Should realise in contemporary competition society, have substantial manpower natural resources to conduce to your career movement freely, so every time when we find new job, want to have the consciousness that protects natural resources of power of people on one's own side, draw out the “ gold ” that belongs to you from the job in the past, such word, your days in the past was not wasted for nothing, you even if the gate that empty two tactics walks out of former unit, but you had taken away a very valuable fortune.
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